Solely Jolíe Púr Palette

The water-free solution to keeping make-up brushes clear and clean.

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Ready for a clean brush?

What people are saying . . .


Kristina Wilmoth

This does exactly what it promises. It removed more of my makeup from my brush than my expensive liquid brush cleaner did, AND it was immediately ready for use again. No dry time. No chemicals. No extra germs.

Amy Blansit

Amy Blansit

I use it daily! It really does help keep a clean counter and reduces the spread of germs by proving a clean palette to clear my brush.


Jessie Barton

This product does exactly as it says. It clears brushes easily and effortlessly. It also is really great for mixing my make up colors. I’ve definitely noticed a cleaner bathroom since I’ve started using the palette.


Amber Holcomb

Can’t wait to try out this amazing, new product! What an ingenious idea of cleaning my makeup brushes and not worrying about germs!

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Amy-Blansit Speaking
Solely Jolie Trade Show Booth

I am the creator and founder of the Solely Jolíe Púr Palette. This product and company were born out of my family’s tragedy. The story begins when my husband, Drew Lewis, was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. In honor of colorectal cancer awareness, Drew’s step-sister sent our family royal blue support bracelets. Immediately, the bracelet became a part of my everyday attire.

One morning, while wearing the bracelet, I was clearing excess color off my makeup brush by brushing it along my hand. Accidentally, I ran the brush past my bracelet. I noticed a lot of makeup was removed from the brush and deposited on the bracelet. It became my daily routine to use the bracelet to remove excess makeup from my brushes between colors. It was more sanitary than using my hand or hitting the brush over the sink, and it also did a better job.

After using the bracelet for several weeks, I decided to investigate to see if there was a similar product on the market. I was unsuccessful in finding a simple solution for clearing my brushes. I started searching ways to develop a product that could be washed easily and was extremely durable.

After many trials and samples, I am so happy with the product! I am excited to introduce the Solely Jolíe Púr Palette for all makeup users. The palette offers the everyday user and the makeup artist an opportunity to reduce the spread of bacteria and other diseases.

Plus, a percentage of proceeds will be donated to cancer prevention through Fight Colorectal Cancer initiatives. This story began with colon cancer and we hope to help end cancer.

Solely Jolíe is my story,

Amy Blansit

Ready for a clean brush?