Solely Jolíe Púr Palette


Using an innovative, water-free method, clearing makeup brushes is now easier than ever. Solely Jolíe Púr Palette is the best solution to rid your brushes of unwanted makeup, dirt, and oil. The simple cleaning and clearing process will allow you to keep your brushes longer and will leave your face feeling fresher.


The Solely Jolíe Púr Palette is the perfect addition to your everyday makeup routine. Keep your face, brushes, and counter tops free of unwanted makeup.

Use Solely Jolíe Púr Palette to clear your makeup brushes of dirt and unwanted mineral makeup between colors to keep your look perfect.

Use Solely Jolíe Púr Palette to mix and blend makeup to create your preferred look.

After use, just use soap and water to clean the Solely Jolíe Púr Palette and let dry before the next use.

Additional information

Weight .4 oz
Dimensions 5 x .25 x 8 in


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